November 7, 2016

Poised For Growth

FreeWire Technologies announced today that Dr. Carolin Funk has joined the company as the VP of Growth. She brings a wealth of expertise of the energy industry as well as energy policy from her time at Siemens and her doctorate research in new energy systems. As VP of Growth, Dr. Funk will hone in on scalability by aligning strategic partnerships and streamlining the production process.

From the early days, Dr. Funk had been a supporter of FreeWire Technologies. CEO, Arcady Sosinov, met Dr. Funk in early 2014, when he first incorporated FreeWire Technologies. Both believed battery-supported mobile chargers brought enormous potential to change the face of electric vehicle (EV) charging. Dr. Funk orchestrated the strategic partnership between Siemens and FreeWire. Siemens’ “eCar Operation Center”, the EV management platform developed out of Milan, Italy, was already established as a standard across Europe but had not taken stage in the United States. The pilot deployment of the product across the first set of FreeWire Mobi Chargers marked the first in the US. The product since then has made headways in the US, with the FreeWire’s first commercial site still running strong today.

Dr. Funk opened the Siemens doors to the then, small FreeWire team, helping to navigate a company with 360,000 employees to access EV charging equipment and components, product teams in the US, Europe and China, and of course, early adopters. Since the energy storage industry is driven heavily by both the market and policy, an early-stage company has amplified challenges. Discussions with policy experts at Siemens early on helped the FreeWire team navigate the landscape. “We are absolutely thrilled to win Dr. Funk for FreeWire. At this stage in the company’s growth, it’s critical to have someone with not only great depth of knowledge but also broad across the energy delivery spectrum. Dr. Funk really has exactly the background and experience that we were looking for, “ says Arcady.

Dr. Funk sees the opportune time for FreeWire,. “The company has proven product-market fit in several industries and is ready to scale.” No stranger to the energy industry, Dr. Funk previously worked on Smart Grid technologies at Siemens. Earlier in her career, she worked as a Project Director for the German Energy-Agency in Berlin driving public-private partnership project with European utilities and governmental organizations, working with teams across Europe to integrate more renewables. Her work in the EU sponsored techno-economic study, OffshoreGrid, clearly showed that energy storage was the solution to the otherwise extremely expensive expansion of the transmission and distribution grid.

“Energy storage is going to be the key to a sustainable energy system in the future. At FreeWire Technologies we have all the building blocks to create a strong solution even for industries that have not been on the forefront of innovation in energy so far like construction and aviation and provide them a prime opportunity”, explains Dr. Funk.

See the official press release here

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Gary Moskovitz

Congratulations Dr. Funk and Arcady! Very excited to see this announcement and amazing step forward. Wish you and team continued great success indeed.

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