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The Cleanest Generator?

Fumes and noise are usually synonymous with diesel generators. But they’ve been the reliable and economic choice of mobile power for decades. Over the years, the EPA has become more stringent on the limitations on exhaust emissions for stationary and portable generators. To comply with the newer standards, diesel generators have become increasingly cleaner but they are still far from being completely clean. For noise, most technical specification documents for whisper-quiet generators state 60-65 dB at 23 ft. Since many occasions require a source of power to be more easily accessible, we decided to find out the noise level when close up to the generator. At 0.5 ft we measured 85 dB. 85 dB is louder than a vacuum cleaner. It’s also equivalent to a propeller plane flying overhead!

Fast forward to 2016. Are diesel generators really the most reliable and economic choice still? With FreeWire’s second-life battery technology, we are challenging the status quo. Less time and less money spent on maintenance of these battery systems results in an overall lower total cost of ownership despite the upfront costs. Of course there are immeasurable benefits. Due to the fumes and high noise levels, almost all permanent generator installations require a permit. Permit requirements on smaller, portable generator sets depend on the government at the state and municipality level. FreeWire’s Mobi Gen is a battery-based alternative for portable and standby power. It requires no permits since it recharges from a regular 240V outlet and it is free of emissions and noise. If Mobi Gen is recharged from solar, any energy usage will be carbon-free.

The infographic below offers a direct comparison of diesel generators and a battery-based solution like the Mobi Gen. There are many benefits to making the cleaner choice.

 Helpful infographic that compares the performance of a mobile power system like Mobi Gen to diesel generators 

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