Electric Utilities

Accelerate EV Adoption
Encourage EV adoption by providing innovative, easy-to-use charging solutions for your customers.
Offer New Energy Options
Deploy Mobi Gen units quickly for off-grid use. Powerful enough to service big events and entertainment, culinary and emergency backup applications.
Promote Clean Power
Reduce GHG emissions and displace diesel by allowing access to zero carbon energy sources.
Enhance Customer Experience
Offer customers new services that improve air quality and off-the-grid energy access.

FreeWire provides innovative solutions for utilities to energize their customer base and push beyond the boundaries of the grid. The Mobi product line brings off-site power and EV charging to anyone, anywhere, and provides an opportunity for utilities to engage customers with better solutions to meet all their power needs.

Our team will help to optimize deployments by putting Mobi products in the right places for maximum public engagement and per person energy potential. FreeWire’s AMP™ software provides data to measure the success of campaigns by tracking increased energy usage in new verticals and quantifying sustainability benefits.

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