Fleet Operators

FreeWire’s Boost Charger is a flexible power solution to meet your fleet-charging needs. The fully-integrated system works with existing low voltage electrical infrastructure and delivers energy to EVs whenever and wherever needed. Not only can Boost Charger be used in most locations without a grid upgrade, but it can also be easily moved between sites. The semi-permanent design allows fleet operators to quickly assess the utilization or return on investment of charging without the risk of stranded investment. Start with a small deployment, quickly scale as demand grows, and avoid complex and costly grid upgrades to meet present and future power requirements. Advanced management software enables fleet managers to incorporate and easily manage EVs in their fleet.

Flexible Charging
Easy to install and relocate ultrafast charging infrastructure to match demand.
Lower Cost
Compared to conventional solutions, Boost Charger's integrated energy storage reduces installation costs by 20% by avoiding costly electrical infrastructure, and operating costs by 70% by managing energy costs, specifically demand charge reduction.
Fast Install Time
Quickly electrify your growing fleet with a 6X faster deployment time than conventional chargers.
High Power Output
Deploy the equivalent of two fast chargers in one product to deliver dual charging compatible with all EV models.

See how FreeWire can provide seamless charging for your electrified fleet.

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