Segment Director

FreeWire Technologies is seeking a Segment Director (SD) to join our team. The Segment Director will have strong experience selling into the segment, including deep segment contacts at the C and purchasing level. The SD will develop custom presentations for the segment, quantifying the value of the product, demonstrating an understanding of the financial factors impacting the customer, and have a verifiable track record of closing enterprise deals. Always hustling, the SD will work with Marketing to target events and segment specific content needed to generate high quality leads. The SD will assess new and adjacent markets for entry. The SD will be committed to developing their market, improving their sales expertise and collaborating with a larger team to promote overall company sales goals.


  • Understand the broader energy and power landscape, including EV charging or off grid power

  • Have worked with marque segment customers, and key ecosystems players

  • Identify trends and provide guidance on Market requirements

  • Ability to articulate and scope software requirements for the segment

  • Work closely with the sales team to develop winning account strategies

  • Understand market trends and competitive landscape

  • Identify new product opportunities and market segments

  • Develop and build new segment


  • 10-15+ years of related experience in sales or business development

  • Deftly manage a pipeline, hit quota, and provide timely and accurate forecasting

  • Qualify, close and grow accounts and be able to identify characteristics of top prospects

  • Dedication to timely documentation and reporting

  • Experience in managing/improving sales processes - improving team performance a plus

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills

  • A team player able to project manage/train new sales reps

  • An obsession with client satisfaction – going above and beyond the expectation

  • Strong business acumen with the ability to balance competing feature requests, customer demands, and development resources

  • Ability to work in a (very) fast-moving environment and remain calm and mission focused

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