Senior Backend Engineer

In this role, you will be responsible for the integration point between our Mobi device data, our client-facing apps, and our partners. This involves receiving, storing, manipulating, and delivering data across multiple sources. Your first project will be adding compatibility with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), an open standard used to remotely control electric vehicle charging stations. This project will involve integrating the OCPP standards with our current remote control capabilities and building a centralized tool for monitoring and testing OCPP activity. You will report to the Chief Information Officer and work closely with all areas of the software engineering team to ensure tight integration of the various components. You must be highly motivated and comfortable making strategic decisions that will affect the long-term direction of our software platform.


  • Be part of an agile team; work closely with a team of controls engineers, frontend engineers, and product managers

  • Voice your opinion and collaboratively come up with a decision as a team; be held accountable as a team

  • Provide guidance and technical direction for other engineers

  • Architect and code new features for our expanding business

  • Document your technical design and approach

  • Write integration tests

  • Perform code reviews


  • AWS

  • Java

  • Designing & scaling APIs (REST, etc.)

  • Data storage and archiving (structured/unstructured)

  • Management experience is a plus