FreeWire offers simple electrification of applications for formerly fossil fuel dependent industries. We offer comprehensive solutions for energy delivery and energy management to our customers and enable new applications and business models for them.

We strive to build beautifully designed, easy-to-use products that users love and rely on for power in their daily work and life.We strive to provide world class service alongside our products to let our customers fully experience the benefits without worrying about the details.

FreeWire believes in the electrification of the world beyond the electrical grid. We believe in a future where the use of electricity is simple enough to become a natural part of everyone’s life and work. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to use clean power wherever and whenever it is needed.

FreeWire Technologies is backed by world-class venture capital firms and global fortune 500 companies.



FreeWire Technologies is a proud partner of select financial and energy organizations that share our values and mission. Here are a few of these exemplary organizations:


Arcady Sosinov


Arcady is a co-founder of FreeWire Technologies and serves as the Chief Executive Officer. He has led the company from ideation, formation, incubation, and now customer acquisition and revenue growth. Prior to FreeWire, he spent 7 years in the finance industry, most recently the investment firm, GMO. He focused heavily on emerging markets, creating a best-of-breed financial database analytics suite that is now used throughout the firm to trade over $130B worth of assets. Arcady holds 2 bachelor’s degrees from Boston University, as well as an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Hass School of Business.

Jawann Swislow


Jawann Swislow is a co-founder of FreeWire Technologies and serves as the Chief Information Officer. He manages all aspects of the software development and the IT infrastructure for the company. Prior to FreeWire, Jawann spent six years in the investment management software industry, all with one of the largest players in the market, Eagle Investment Systems (a wholly owned subsidiary of BNY Mellon). Jawann holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Vermont, as well as an MBA from the University of Colorado-Boulder’s Leeds School of Business.

Rich Steele

Director of Engineering

Rich Steele is a co-founder of FreeWire Technologies and serves as the Director of Manufacturing and Test. He spearheaded the effort from development to production of the Mobi Charger and Mobi Gen product lines. Prior to FreeWire, Rich spend years in the lithium-ion battery cell industry, developing and managing pack technologies at Leyden Energy before its acquisition by A123 Systems. His previous roles included many years in aerospace engineering, designing spacecraft components at Lockheed Martin.

CEO and co-founder Arcady Sosinov started with the mission to accelerate EV adoption. Extensive research around driver habits and charging infrastructure limitations led Arcady to one conclusion - EV chargers can be deployed more rapidly if the chargers can move to the vehicles. The inabilities of charging station deployment to keep up with driver demands were especially prevalent among technology companies in Silicon Valley.

In July 2015, FreeWire launched a three-month pilot program at LinkedIn’s Mountain View campus in to provide their employees with EV charging. After a successful pilot service, the program was expanded into FreeWire’s first commercial contract. FreeWire is still providing EV charging service for LinkedIn employees today.

Later that year, FreeWire was selected by Elemental Excelerator for the demonstration track of the 2015 cohort. Through the program, FreeWire partnered with Hawaiian Electric and later Vector. Working with two major utilities was a monumental step in uncovering the real market need for cloud-connected mobile battery systems.

Today the vision is clear and the roadmap has been drawn (subject to change as with all roadmaps of young companies). FreeWire believes in the electrification of everything as a key component to a decarbonized, sustainable world. The company will continuously strive to achieve full electrification beyond the grid with the unique capabilities of its cloud-connected mobile battery systems.

Mobi Chargers at the launch of the first pilot with LinkedIn at their Mountain View, CA campus.