EV Charging for Public Spaces

EV Charging for Public Spaces
FreeWire’s proposed solution of establishing fast charging hubs at car parks and deploying Mobi units in surrounding charging zones for on-street fast charging.

In partnership with Westminster City Council in London, FreeWire conducted a feasibility study through Innovate UK’s funding competition, “Electric vehicle charging for public spaces”, to assess the feasibility of offering flexible electric vehicle charging on and around the streets of London and UK-wide.

In this report, FreeWire will describe how it aims to change the process of charging a vehicle from a commodity purchase to a service delivery, lowering the total cost of charging and increasing revenue opportunities for underutilized assets. FreeWire determined that the most feasible near-term implementation of this concept is to create public charging hubs at existing car parks, with 1 kilometer charging zones where a driver could park near the hub and have a charge delivered to their vehicle. By removing the requirement for direct grid connection and dedicated parking using unique mobile and ultrafast charging technology, FreeWire will help accelerate the adoption of EVs by improving the driver experience and make charging an afterthought in the consumer’s assessment of purchasing an EV.

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