Platform Overview

FreeWire has developed a suite of software tools to help manage EV charging across the entire ecosystem of stakeholders - utilities, aggregators, administrators, and drivers.

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Access Control

Access to each part of the platform is permissions-based. Different stakeholders will have different levels of control and insight into their assets.


FreeWire Device Cloud

The FreeWire Device Cloud is an administrative tool to remotely monitor and manage your charging stations. This system is designed for high-level users, which would typically include utilities, aggregators, and FreeWire administrators. The system is completely cloud-based and can be viewed from any internet-connected computer. Using the Device Cloud, you can view live streaming data, publish firmware updates over-the-air, view device metadata, and view device location / GPS.


FreeWire Customer App (iOS, Android, & Web)

The FreeWire Customer App is the interface between the EV driver and the charging station. Here, customers can see available charging locations, request a charge, monitor their charging sessions, and manage their account settings (including payment options). The customer app also manages customer service requests, which are handled by the owner or operator of the charging station. In our current business model of Concierge Charging, drivers drop a pin on their parking location and our Deployment Operator takes care of the rest. Users of our iOS or Android app will also receive notifications when their charging sessions start and stop.


FreeWire Operations Hub (iOS, Android, & Web)

The FreeWire Operations Hub is a tool for Deployment Operators and company administrators to view and manage customer charging sessions. Users can view daily operations, customer service requests, and historical charging activity.


FreeWire Analytics Hub

The FreeWire Analytics Hub is a real-time data analysis and graphing system. Stakeholders use this system to analyze critical metrics across their fleet of Mobi chargers. The Analytics Hub allows you to drill down into data points on individual units, or aggregate units across geographies, service dates, or any other aggregation metric the user chooses. The system also allows trendline analysis, which is helpful in diagnosing problems before they occur.