August 12, 2022

FreeWire Statement on the Inflation Reduction Act Passage

WASHINGTON — On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which was recently passed by the U.S. Senate after Senators Schumer and Manchin reached a deal following months of negotiations on historic action to boost the economy and combat climate change. This Act will now be sent to President Biden’s desk for signature.

FreeWire Technologies, Founder & CEO Arcady Sosinov issued the following statement: 

“The clean energy provisions in this legislation represent momentous action towards cutting carbon emissions and bolstering the ascendant electric vehicle (EV) industry here in the United States. We commend Leader Schumer, Senator Manchin, and their House colleagues for their persistence in reaching this agreement and applaud members of Congress for ensuring the United States keeps pace in the global transition to electric vehicles. 

This legislation will further incentivize the deployment of EV charging infrastructure and energy storage, both cornerstones in accelerating EV adoption and a carbon-free economy in an equitable and resilient manner. Importantly, these expanded credits will enable fuelers, retailers, and fleet operators to embrace the new electric vehicle economy which will boost investment in clean energy technologies and create millions of new, good-paying jobs. 

Challenges remain to ensure that electric vehicle drivers are guaranteed fast, affordable, and reliable charging, and that our electric grid is able to meet this demand. For nearly a decade, FreeWire Technologies has been building solutions to overcome these challenges through innovations in EV charging technology and transforming the traditional fueling station. We must continue to deploy EV charging everywhere drivers go as soon as possible to realize these important economic and environmental benefits.  

As the Inflation Reduction Act heads to the President’s desk, we also commend the Biden Administration’s dogged commitment to transportation electrification, and continued work in implementing the EV charging policies enabled by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. As a leading manufacturer of battery-integrated EV charging and power solutions, FreeWire will continue to support this transition with the urgency and precision it demands. 


About FreeWire Technologies
Founded in 2014, FreeWire Technologies is the leading manufacturer of battery-integrated EV charging stations and power solutions in the U.S. The Company’s fully-integrated Boost Charger™ plugs into existing and ubiquitous low-voltage utility service and delivers high-power charging in areas that typically require extensive grid upgrades. The Boost Charger’s combination of proprietary battery and power conversion technology enables ultrafast EV charging at all locations, freeing customers from the costs of providing fast charging using power directly from the electric grid. FreeWire has deployed battery-integrated chargers with Fortune 100 companies, commercial customers, fleets, retail locations, and gas stations across the U.S. and has partnered with bp pulse to deploy Boost Charger in its operations across the UK.

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