August 31, 2021

FreeWire to Showcase Ultrafast EV Boost Charger at ACT Expo

The Nation’s First and Only Commercially Available Battery-Integrated Ultrafast EV Charging System to Provide Energy Storage Services Dramatically Cuts Demand Charges and Energy Costs During Peak Hours

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. — August 30, 2021 — FreeWire Technologies, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) ultrafast charging and power solutions, will exhibit its dual charging DCFC Boost Charger system featuring advanced battery-integrated EV charging and energy storage solutions during the ACT Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center (Booth #2018) August 31 and September 1, 2021.

In addition to accelerating the deployment of ultrafast EV charging, the Boost Charger was designed to provide energy management and battery storage to improve grid services, saving customers up to 70% in operating costs. The fully-integrated ultrafast charging solution packages charging infrastructure, grid infrastructure, and energy storage with an advanced software platform to enable load shifting and demand charge management providing additional energy services and reduced energy costs. In an independent report, findings showed potential cost savings of $30,000 a year in energy fees and charges.

“By storing energy during off-peak hours and charging directly from the Boost Charger battery, not the grid, we have the ability to eliminate demand charges,” stated FreeWire Technologies Founder and CEO, Arcady Sosinov. “This is a significant cost saving considering demand charges and energy costs can hike up by as much as 90% during peak charging hours.”

The ACT conference comes at a critical time, especially for fleet operators, with pain points ranging from demand charges and time-of-use schedules to the ability to scale as demand grows. In addition to cost-savings and energy services, the Boost Charger’s semi-permanent design allows fleet operators not wanting to invest in a fixed infrastructure the flexibility to assess utilization or return on investment and scale or relocate as needed.

“FreeWire helps fleets get started as they figure out how much power they need and where they need it,” stated Ethan Sprague, FreeWire Technologies VP Sales and Marketing. “The Boost Charger supports scalability when piloting new locations with the flexibility of either augmenting the final solution or moving chargers to new locations without losing their initial investment.”

Boost Chargers can be deployed quickly with minimal power input, supporting demand for fast charging as fleet operators ramp up for their EV arrivals. For those wanting to enhance existing electrical infrastructure, the Boost Charger battery provides additional output capacity.


About FreeWire Technologies

FreeWire’s turnkey power solutions deliver energy whenever and wherever it’s needed for reliable electrification beyond the grid (see video). With scalable clean power that moves to meet demand, FreeWire customers can tackle new applications and deploy new business models without the complexity of upgrading traditional energy infrastructure. FreeWire has deployed battery-integrated chargers with Fortune 100 companies, commercial customers, fleets, retail locations, and gas stations. In addition to its partnership with bp pulse, FreeWire and ampm, a bp subsidiary and convenience store chain with over 1,000 locations, have already deployed multiple public charging stations in the U.S. FreeWire’s regulatory affairs specialists also keep customers up to date on incentive opportunities, in some cases covering up to 80% of the cost of the charging station.

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