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Premium ultrafast EV charging made easy.

FreeWire’s ultrafast Boost Charger unlocks space-efficient and cost-effective ultrafast EV charging with lower installation and operational costs for an attractive return on investment. The fully-integrated charger operates using a low-voltage grid connection, which allows for deployment 6X faster than conventional solutions with minimal business disruption. Easy to relocate or scale as driver demand grows, the battery-integrated unit boosts power from the grid to charge EVs, and reduces energy costs while providing a full charge in just minutes. By owning FreeWire’s ultrafast charging infrastructure, you retain complete control of pricing, brand, and customer experience!

Low Cost
Boost Charger’s integrated energy storage reduces installation costs by 20% by avoiding costly electrical infrastructure, and operating costs by 70% by managing energy costs, specifically demand charge reduction.
Fast & Flexible
Deploy ultrafast charging 6X faster than traditional ultrafast charging systems. Boost Charger allows for rapid deployment with no additional electrical infrastructure necessary and can easily be moved between sites.
Small Footprint
5X more space-efficient than conventional ultrafast charging solutions, the fully-integrated platform requires no unsightly and expensive electrical infrastructure.
Positive ROI
Owners capture charger revenue and increased retail sales, while retaining complete control of the customer experience through custom branding and advertising.

Learn how Boost Charger is the best solution to quickly deploy and scale ultrafast EV charging for your customers today.


Accelerate electrification in more locations with infrastructure-light EV charging.

FreeWire provides innovative solutions for utilities to support EV drivers and optimize grid infrastructure and operations at the edge of the grid and beyond. With new EV models featuring increased range and higher charging rates, more power is required to charge EVs faster. FreeWire addresses these new and increasing demands with energy storage solutions that enable ultrafast charging without requiring grid upgrades or placing additional strain on the grid. Boost Charger delivers high power output to vehicles while dramatically lowering the energy costs of charging, significantly benefitting site hosts, grid operators, and ratepayers alike. FreeWire’s AMP software provides control and reporting of assets and an API repository for integrations with other EV charging value chain players.

Seamless Integration
Boost Charger requires lower-voltage input than conventional fast chargers. Multiply your power output while leveraging existing infrastructure.
Offer New Energy Options
Deploy ultrafast EV charging with Boost Charger, enabling charging services for your fleet and your customers.
Easily Replace Chargers
Boost Charger enables you to turn Level 2 chargers into fast chargers using the same low-voltage infrastructure.
Distributed Energy Management
Boost Charger's integrated energy storage, and software platform, enables load shifting, demand charge management, resiliency, and more.

See how FreeWire can help you unlock a new category of charging infrastructure and energy services.


Flexible ultrafast EV charging with integrated management software for your fleet operations.

FreeWire’s Boost Charger is a flexible power solution to meet your fleet-charging needs. The fully-integrated system works with existing low voltage electrical infrastructure and delivers energy to EVs whenever and wherever needed. Not only can Boost Charger be used in most locations without a grid upgrade, but it can also be easily moved between sites. The semi-permanent design allows fleet operators to quickly assess the utilization or return on investment of charging without the risk of stranded investment. Start with a small deployment, quickly scale as demand grows, and avoid complex and costly grid upgrades to meet present and future power requirements. Advanced management software enables fleet managers to incorporate and easily manage EVs in their fleet.

Flexible Charging
Easy to install and relocate ultrafast charging infrastructure to match demand.
Lower Cost
Compared to conventional solutions, Boost Charger's integrated energy storage reduces installation costs by 20% by avoiding costly electrical infrastructure, and operating costs by 70% by managing energy costs, specifically demand charge reduction.
Fast Install Time
Quickly electrify your growing fleet with a 6X faster deployment time than conventional chargers.
High Power Output
Deploy the equivalent of two fast chargers in one product to deliver dual charging compatible with all EV models.

See how FreeWire can provide seamless charging for your electrified fleet.

Fleet Use Case

Fleet Use Case

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Turnkey EV charging for any size fleet, anywhere.

With FreeWire’s Boost Charger, you can keep your EVs charged without additional electrical infrastructure or power demand. Boost Charger provides dual ultrafast charging with universally compatible connectors. The Mobi EV Charger product line brings power to your cars without the hassle of reshuffling your EVs to access fixed charging infrastructure. The built-in drive system with joystick operation allows for easy placement in service bays, maintenance locations, showrooms, or wherever your EVs are located. With FreeWire AMP™, the easy-to-use software platform, businesses can efficiently track and deploy chargers in real-time.

Charge Anywhere
Deploy semi-permanent chargers wherever charging is needed, including owned or leased fleet locations.
Lower Cost
As compared to conventional solutions, Boost Charger’s integrated energy storage reduces installation costs by 20% by avoiding costly electrical infrastructure, and operating costs by 70% by managing energy costs, specifically demand charge reduction.
No Stranded Assets
Bring your chargers with you if your business relocates instead of stranding assets and compromising return on investment.
Increase Fleet Utilization
Guarantee EVs remain charged and utilized without needing to maintain two fleets.

See how FreeWire can easily and cost-effectively charge your EVs.


Ultrafast and convenient EV charging for your employees.

Boost Charger is an ultrafast charging solution that integrates with existing electrical infrastructure to deliver energy to EVs wherever it’s needed. Setup is simple and can be done without electrical infrastructure upgrades and extensive permitting, allowing for immediate deployment to meet growing EV charging demand. The Mobi EV Charger product line brings power to EVs without the hassle of employees moving EVs to stationary charging stations. FreeWire creates a better charging experience for businesses and employees.

Quick Deployment
Start charging in days rather than weeks. Boost Charger and Mobi EV Charger allow for quick deployment without additional electrical infrastructure or permitting.
Location Flexibility
Boost Charger can be easily relocated, while Mobi can charge EVs from any spot at any time, thanks to its mobile charging platform.
Improve Employee Experience
Create a positive employee charging experience by delivering ultrafast charging and mobile optionality, bringing energy to EVs, not the EVs to energy.
Lower Cost
Save time, reduce infrastructure costs by 20% and operating expenses by 70% with off-peak and demand-charge-elimination technology.

See how FreeWire can power your workforce.

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