Introducing Mobi Charger L2F

The Mobi Charger DCF offers Level 2 charging without any construction. Charge up to 6 vehicles in a day. Mobi Chargers simply recharges from a wall outlet. Each model is equipped with two J1772 connectors.

Mobi Charger DCF drawing with measurements

Technical Specs

  • Two J1772 Connectors

  • Simultaneous power delivery through both connectors

  • Adds 30 miles in 1 hour

  • Tops off 4-10 EVs in one charge

Hardware Features

  • Weather-proof exterior

  • J1772 input

  • 240V input (via adapter)

  • 120V input (via adapter)

  • Independent drive motor and battery

Software Features

  • GPS tracking

  • Built-in demand response

  • Remote access and control

  • Energy measurements and management

  • Driver and vehicle records linked to each charging session

  • Automatic queue functionality for charging

Read more in the product datasheet

Mobi Charger L2F Datasheet