Introducing Mobi Gen Flex

Mobi Gen Flex is the truly mobile solution for sustainable and distributable battery backup power. Self-propelled for you to find the exact place to support your power use. You can really go anywhere to power anything. No permits required.

Mobi Gen Flex drawing with measurements

Technical Specs

  • Surge Power 30 kW

  • Continuous Power 15 kW

  • Capacity 40kWh or 80kWh

  • Pure Sine Wave Technology

Hardware Features

  • Weather-proof exterior

  • Independent drive motor and battery

  • Outputs

    • Cam-Lok Outlet (240V, 60A)

    • NEMA 15-20R Outlets (120V, 20A)

    • 240V AC Twist-Lock (50A)

    • 240V AC Twist-Lock (30A)

  • Inputs

    • 240V input

    • J1772 input

Software Features

  • GPS tracking

  • Built-in demand response

  • Remote access and control

  • Energy measurements and management

Read more in the product datasheet

Mobi Gen Flex Datasheet