Mobi Gen systems are compliant with the latest air quality regulations and will be even as they get more stringent. No fumes are emitted and Mobi Gen systems can be used without permitting.


There’s no sound attenuation needed. Everything in the Mobi Gen Series are completely quiet and vibration-free, even when the battery system is running under full load. The indicator light is there to tell if the system is on.

Quality Power

Mobi Gen systems produce pure quality power. Even the most sensitive devices can be plugged in without a worry. Quality power will ensure the longest possible lifespan for all your devices.

The pure sine wave produced by Mobi Gen systems is the key to pure quality power. Unlike conventional generators, these systems have battery packs instead of an engine so they produce consistent power characteristics independent of the engine speed.

Powerful Enough For The Most Demanding Applications


Disaster Relief


More Applications

Intelligent Mobile Power

Mobi Gens are intelligent mobile power systems that give you remote access and control allowing you to track the state of health of the system and its physical location. The system is equipped with dynamic energy management, allowing you optimize your energy usage and even participate in demand response programs offered by utilities.

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Dual-Purpose Systems

Mobile power systems are only in the field providing power some of the time. Unique to battery systems such as Mobi Gen, they can be useful resources 100% the time.

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