DC Fast Charging: Mobi Style

Feb. 29, 2016

We've seen the electric vehicle backups. Charging too slow? Not enough of those fast chargers? We decided to look into it. 

FreeWire introduces the Mobi DC Fast Charger. It is the first 40kW DC Fast Charger that does not require high-power infrastructure, permitting, or a costly construction project. The Mobi DC Fast Charger has a proprietary Energy-Buffer system that functions as an intermediate between the electrical grid and electric vehicles, drawing power in slowly while delivering power quickly to electric vehicles. It reduces a large portion of strain on the grid and saves facilities thousands of dollars in annual
energy costs.   

To help visualize and understand DC fast charging, Mobi style, we've created this handy image.

FreeWire introduces Mobi DC Fast Charger to bring fast charging everywhere

Visit the Mobi Charger product page to learn more.