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Battery Integration Tackles Charging Network Challenges
March 28, 2023

Automotive World by Megan Lampinen – FreeWire’s approach slashes the input power requirement for charging operators, allowing for rapid, low-cost deployment almost anywhere.

Ultrafast electric vehicle (EV) charging could open up electric mobility for vast swathes of drivers: those without access to home charging, those that frequently cover long distances, or those that need the peace of mind of a rapid top-up option. One of the biggest challenges in rolling out ultrafast charger networks relates to utility infrastructure. A typical gas station or convenience store today may use 50kW of power for its entire operation, including fuel pumps and lighting. One ultrafast charger alone may draw 200kW. A power upgrade is needed at these charging locations, but that can take time. In many places, transformer delivery alone could entail a 24-month wait.

FreeWire offers an alternative approach in the form of ultrafast EV charging technology that can be deployed anywhere at a fraction of the usual cost. The company claims a 20% saving on installation costs, with an estimated installation time of just two weeks. It also promises up to 70% savings in operating costs. The key: avoiding the usual electrical infrastructure upgrades by integrating a battery pack into the charger.

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