December 11, 2019

Public Funding Available for Clean Power Products in the San Francisco Bay Area

In an effort to prevent fires in California, during the fall of 2019 close to 1 million customers experienced rolling power outages. Many of those customers deployed portable generators to supplement their power needs, some resulting in fatalities and poisonings from carbon monoxide emissions. Emissions from traditional generators often exceed vehicle emissions, which combined with wildfire smoke contribute to poor air quality. Another significant driver of poor of air quality is tail pipe emissions which is the leading cause of air pollution. By 2040 50% of cars sold will be EVs, however, charging infrastructure deployments are lagging, hindering their growth.

By displacing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and traditional generators, FreeWire products have helped customers offset over 48 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and supplied more than 170,000 miles of charging to EV in 2019 alone or some 6,000 EVs charged. Take a look at how Mobi units are helping LADWP and LACI reduce their emissions, suppling clean power for food truck applications.

As part of a public program to help accelerate the adoption of zero-emission vehicles and equipment, funding is available for Mobi EV Charger and Mobi Gen that will cover up to 60% of the cost of the systems.

Funding is on a first come first serve basis, customers must be in the San Francisco Bay Area and applications are expected by December 31, 2019. FreeWire can help with the submission to make the process seamless.

Schedule a call with a FreeWire representative to start your application today!

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Mike usen
9 months ago

Please contact me about this opportunity. I’m currently developing fleet electrification plans for 5 Bay Area cities including Berkeley and Oakland.

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