May 23, 2019

SMUD Demonstrates the Power of Clean Energy on Earth Day at Southside Park in Sacramento with FreeWire Mobi Products

Hundreds of community members attended the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS) Earth Day event to enjoy food and outdoor activities. This year the eco-friendly affair was powered without the added noise and pollution of gas or diesel generators. Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) provided clean power to concessions and electric vehicle (EV) charging using branded FreeWire Mobi® Gen and Mobi EV Chargers. In one day SMUD delivered 47 kWh of clean energy and reduced CO2 emissions by 61 kilograms by replacing a 25 kW biodiesel generator with mobile, battery-integrated products.

Attendees reported a noticeable difference. Food vendors and their customers noted the lack of noise and air pollution, “the clean power and less noise generator are really awesome… it would be nice to see SMUD continue to do this. Especially with food vendors and events like this. It’s good for the community,” said Irwin Torres of Vegan Plate. Watch the short video below for more highlights from the SMUD-powered Sacramento Earth day event!

FreeWire and SMUD will continue to promote access to clean, battery-integrated power year-round. Whether you’re a vendor, attendee or EV driver, look for a Mobi in the Sacramento area, or contact your local utility to request FreeWire power solutions at your next event. Are you an electric utility looking to meet your clean air and low-carbon goals while growing engagements with your community? Contact FreeWire today!

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