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Fully-integrated ultrafast electric vehicle charging solutions that free customers from the limitations of the electric grid.

Boost Charger

Boost Charger

Fully-Integrated Ultrafast Charging

FreeWire’s products enable the scalable deployment of ultrafast electric vehicle charging – in a fraction of the time and cost it would take for conventional charging solutions. The unique combination of battery technology, power conversion technology, and software provides retail, fleet, utility, and municipal customers a flexible and fully-integrated solution that lowers costs, optimizes electric vehicle charging, and unlocks energy services to lower energy bills and increase resiliency.

Boost Charger

Next generation ultrafast EV charging technology that can be deployed anywhere and everywhere.

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Reduce installation costs by 20% and operating costs by 70% by avoiding electrical infrastructure upgrades and enabling energy management services.


Install ultrafast charging 6X faster than conventional solutions with no additional infrastructure and minimal permitting. FreeWire chargers can be quickly redeployed to new locations.


Provide ultrafast charging to multiple EVs simultaneously at speeds of up to 100 miles in 10 minutes. Compatible with all EV models.


Deliver a superior customer experience through innovative infrastructure optimized to meet current and future charging demand while unlocking additional energy services and resiliency.

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Upgrade Your EV Chargers

FreeWire’s technology allows for seamless replacement of legacy slow and Level 2 EV chargers with ultrafast chargers in a matter of hours.

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Increase power output by 10-20X, at a fraction of the time and cost of deploying other ultrafast chargers.

American Electric Power recently replaced a slow charger with FreeWire’s ultrafast Boost Charger in under three hours without significant cost or infrastructure upgrades.

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