More power, faster. Wherever you are.

The way we live is changing. The way we're consuming energy is changing. And as these demands on our infrastructure grow, so will our need for more power in more space, at higher speeds with lower costs.

Flexible by Design

Delivering clean, quiet mobile power and fast charging that’s readily available and easy to deploy, FreeWire products deliver power wherever and whenever you need it, without the added costs of construction or infrastructure upgrades.

Mobi EV Charger

The flexible and convenient mobile EV charging solution.

Mobi Gen

The clean, quiet on-site solution for facilities or remote sites that require a guaranteed source of power.

Boost Charger

Our fastest EV charger yet, delivering up to 480 miles in a one-hour charge.

What does driver-centric, equitable EV charging in public spaces look like? The technology is here, let’s innovate on the business model.


Read our “EV Charging for Public Spaces” report today!


Customers enjoying flexible mobile power and infrastructure-light EV charging

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