Learn how to easily upgrade your EV charging installation

Installation Guide and Cost Analysis for Deploying Next-Generation EV Chargers Compatible with Existing Infrastructure

In partnership with Kimley-Horn, FreeWire developed this ebook with guidelines for the installation of FreeWire’s Boost Charger™, a powerful battery-integrated DCFC for electric vehicles (EVs), in typical site configurations to retrofit existing EV chargers. The Boost Charger requires lower input power than comparable ultrafast chargers, allowing you to multiply your power output by 10-20x without upgrading existing infrastructure. This ebook provides an overview for prototypical installations and benefits of installing the Boost Charger in four common installation scenarios with associated recommendations and considerations.

How to Easily Upgrade Your EV Charger ebookThis ebook will cover the following scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Sites with Existing Level 2 (L2) Charging Infrastructure
  • Scenario 2: Replace One DCFC with Two Boost Chargers
  • Scenario 3: Greenfield Installation of one or more Boost Chargers

Including the following information:

  • Single-line Diagrams
  • Cost Analysis
  • Recommendations and Considerations

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