FreeWire Announces Accelerate Program

Enabling Businesses to Host Custom-Branded, Ultrafast EV Chargers with Zero Upfront Costs

March 21, 2024

This new model enables businesses the fastest path to hosting EV charging on-site, driving additional in-store customer traffic and revenue, and positioning them at the forefront of sustainability and innovation with zero upfront investment 

Newark, CA – FreeWire Technologies, the leading provider of battery-integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and energy management solutions, today announced the Accelerate Program, which allows businesses to offer and collect payments from ultrafast EV charging amenities at their site, while FreeWire owns and operates the equipment. FreeWire now offers a range of flexible deployment options for customers seeking to host ultrafast charging, from complete ownership to participation in the Accelerate Program, tailored to meet each site’s unique requirements and accelerate the installation of charging infrastructure. 

By the year 2030, projections suggest that the United States will experience a surge in EV adoption, with over 26 million EVs on American roads. This growth will require a substantial expansion of public fast-charging infrastructure. The Accelerate Program will increase EV charging infrastructure deployment by offering a zero-risk option for charging hosts. FreeWire fully manages the upfront installation, site design, and permitting process along with ongoing maintenance and electricity costs. Participating businesses receive a revenue share from charging sessions and are protected by a guaranteed minimum payment leasing parking spots, turning lot space into a revenue stream and customer amenity. 

FreeWire’s previous deployment model allowed businesses to purchase the charger and retain charging revenue. While FreeWire’s solution is typically faster and less costly to deploy than traditional solutions, the addition of the Accelerate Program gives businesses the chance to deploy fast charging with zero financial burden, benefit in the upside if the site is successful, and an option to buy the chargers in later years.

“The Accelerate Program demonstrates our conviction in the improving economics of EV charging. We are investing our capital to promote our customers’ businesses enabling them to market an EV offering under their brand with zero upfront costs. This is an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to leverage the growing need for this amenity,” said Arcady Sosinov, FreeWire Founder and CCO. “At FreeWire, we envision a future where EV adoption is uninhibited by available charging infrastructure, and the Accelerate Program is a crucial step towards making that vision a reality.”

What sets the Accelerate Program apart is its unmatched flexibility in branding, providing the host business with control over the charger’s image. Custom charger branding gives businesses a chance to amplify their brand and stand out in a competitive retail landscape. FreeWire’s Boost Charger features a 24” screen allowing for creative promotions and direct customer engagement at the point of charge. The Accelerate Program allows businesses to tap into valuable data on charger usage and customer behavior. These insights can inform your business strategies, tailor your marketing efforts, and enhance the overall customer experience. EV drivers represent a growing customer demographic. Hosting a charging station encourages longer visits, increasing the likelihood of additional spending and boosting overall revenue. 

Chevron is among the first to participate in FreeWire’s Accelerate Program. This program allows the flexibility to fully own the charging station after five years, which offers the potential for greater control and profitability as the adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise. Prospective customers can contact FreeWire to assess their site using FreeWire’s advanced AI site assessment tools at

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For over a decade, FreeWire Technologies has been at the forefront of energy management solutions and ultrafast EV charging, solving grid infrastructure constraints and supporting the global transition to electric vehicles. FreeWire’s battery-integrated power solutions and AI-driven software platforms transform the way energy is distributed for commercial customers and bridge the gap from legacy infrastructure to future technology.

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