GM Energy Will Offer FreeWire’s Unique Charging Solutions to Fleets via New Partnership


January 24, 2024

Electrek – Budding EV charging developer FreeWire Technologies gained a significant player in the automotive industry to help get its turnkey charging solutions out to more customers. Today, FreeWire shared that it has partnered with GM Energy to help deploy the former’s ultra-fast EV chargers to commercial and fleet customers in the US.

Although we’ve only been following FreeWire Technologies for the past year or so, the EV fast charging and energy management solutions company was founded in 2014. During its decade-long tenure, it has been helping expedite the world’s transition to electric vehicles by developing more efficient charging solutions.

FreeWire currently develops and sells a lineup of turnkey battery-integrated piles it calls Boost Chargers, as well as proprietary management software to help them operate after installation using existing low-voltage and low-power grid connections while still delivering DC EV charging performance levels.

Last summer, we saw FreeWire Technologies relaunch an AI platform acquired in late 2022 under its own umbrella as Mobilyze Pro – software that can help businesses predict the best locations to install its EV chargers.

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