July 29, 2015

This Mobile Charging Station Runs On Scrapped Batteries And Comes Right To Your Electric Car

FastCo.Exist featured FreeWire’s mobile EV charging solution. With great foresight, the article first addresses one key angle of the problem in the EV landscape: the concern of second-life batteries pile-ups with vehicle adoption trending towards electric. The article dives and discusses FreeWire’s use of the batteries as viable solution to that problem, as well as more immediate issues facing EV drivers.

“The more electric cars are sold, the more used electric car batteries start to pile up—and right now, manufacturers don’t have many good options for dealing with them. The materials are cheap enough that recycling doesn’t always make economic sense. Batteries sit on shelves, or worse, go to landfill. But a startup has discovered a new use: Using old batteries for mobile charging stations.

The Mobi is a small charger on wheels with used EV batteries inside. Plug in an electric car or two, and the charger quickly powers them up. Because it’s mobile, it also solves a second problem. Instead of driving around looking for a charger or waiting for someone to leave a wired parking spot, people with electric cars can use an app to have the charger come to them.”

Read the entire article at FastCoExist.com.

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Finding a way to replace or charge batteries is a great idea. I know that my cousin has been thinking about getting an industrial battery for a while. He might like this tip to make sure that he is keeping the best help.

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