Eye On Mobile EV Charging In Honolulu

After a successful dedication ceremony at the Airport Trade Center last Thursday for the Mobi Chargers, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and Pacific Business News summarized some key takeaways.

“Alan Oshima, president of HECO, said the Mobi Chargers will help capture extra solar energy on the grid during the day and help lower electricity costs for customers.

HECO said that in the long term, increased electricity use during the day helps lower costs for customers by using generation capacity more efficiently.

“In the end it will reduce customer bills,” Oshima said.

The Mobi Chargers work as stationary chargers or can move to where an EV is parked, then move to the next EV when the charging is done.

“We need to find different charging solutions so people feel confident they can rely on electric vehicles,” Oshima said.”

Read the entire Honolulu Star-Advertiser article on the Hawaii.gov page and the article on Pacific Business News.

What’s next? FreeWire will be working to bring mobile electric vehicle charging to other sites in Hawaii. The company continues to work with the Energy Excelerator to explore other commercial properties and high rises buildings that can potentially benefit from battery-supported, mobile EV chargers. FreeWire is also asking for property managers to reach out if they are interested in taking part in the next project.

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