May 13, 2016

FreeWire Mobis Boosted with Advanced Real-time Streaming Analytics, Powered by Predixion Riot

Predixion RIOT provides real-time visual analytics

FreeWire is excited to officially announce the addition of advanced real-time streaming analytics to the line of Mobi Energy Systems. The addition of advanced analytics will add highly valuable functionality to utilities, commercial building manager, and even consumers.

The analytics will be powered by Predixion Software’s RIOT line of real-time visual edge analytics software. It enables users to gain actionable insights on IoT data where it is most impactful. The RIOT line of products address the needs at all layers for edge analytics – on the device itself, on the IoT gateway, or with a consolidated view across multiple instances in an organization. FreeWire has been continuously improving its solutions towards a more reliable and resilient grid for a cleaner energy future. The addition of Predixion’s RIOT to the Mobi Energy Systems will be a significant step forward.

The RIOT line of products has recently just been announced, with their first significant customer wins. In the official press release, Predixion also announces a significant expansion in its partner ecosystem. Read the entire press release at

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