FreeWire Technologies Uses Eurotech IoT Gateway and Everyware Cloud Platform for Smart Energy Charging Systems

FreeWire’s Mobi Chargers are designed the electric vehicle drivers in mind. Drivers don’t have to worry about finding spots with charging stations, nor do they have to worry about moving their vehicles when they are fully charged. They can have complete piece of mind and even receive a notification when their vehicle is fully charged. This means the job of the Mobi operator, operating up to 10 of these semi-autonomous units daily, needs to be assisted. Instead of moving from vehicle to vehicle to check the state of charge, the Mobi operator can see the stage of charge of each vehicle remotely on the FreeWire management app. All of the IoT communication pieces that enabled real-time data access were initially built in-house at FreeWire. FreeWire recently made the switch to Eurotech’s IoT Gate and Everyware Cloud for a more reliable and scalable solution.

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 FreeWire uses Eurotech

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