The Seventh Clean Energy Ministerial Covered By NTDTV

The Seventh Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7) was held in San Francisco, June 1st and 2nd. Government officials from more than 20 countries around the world assembled to discuss the climate goals pledged in Paris during COP21. This is the first year that the CEM organization placed emphasis on current innovation that can accelerate the world’s ambitious, but necessary, climate goals. Almost a hundred start-ups and technology organizations gathered in Union Square to introduce the latest breakthroughs in the field of clean energy. NTDTV, a nationally recognized television network in China, covered the historical event. FreeWire was among the companies that reporter Lin Xiao Ran interviewed to speak about their innovations. As translated from the original article published in Chinese:

 Serena Xu speaks to report about mobile EV charging with FreeWire

“Ways to save energy and reduce emissions need scientific and technological advancements. At the current Clean Energy Ministerial exhibition areas, new technologies, new ideas are applied to all areas of “clean energy”. The Shelby Cobra electric sports car, from all parts of the body is made of carbon fiber and reinforced plastics through 3D technology.

Tennessee Industrial Materials Innovation Institute composite CEO Craig Blu said, “We printed part size of (auto) modeling and mold industry will be interested in it, really is an opportunity that we can print out in a day. synthesis design molds, and other techniques for a few months. ”

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, how do we solve the problem of charge rage? This “mobile” charging device to launch the right time. Freewire technology marketing and design director Serena Xu said, “There are a lot of EVs, but a lack of public charging stations, so we want charging becomes more flexible, to be able to move between cars and trucks..” ”

Watch the video coverage below and read the entire article at

节能减排科技先行 多国旧金山秀〝想法〞 来源: 【新唐人2016年06月02日讯】第七届清洁能源部长级会议6月1日在美国旧金山召开,来自全球20多个国家的政府官员共同商讨如何达成《巴黎气候协议》所制定的节能减排目标。于此同时,大会也为各国初创企业 相关联接: 新唐人电视台 …

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