October 15, 2015

FreeWire Pilot: Success!

The sunny state of California comprises the most mature market for electric vehicles. As of late 2014, it is home to almost half of the electric vehicles in the United States. After hearing various complaints from drivers regarding electric vehicle charging, FreeWire’s founder, Arcady Sosinov, decided to conduct a more formal study. The availability of EV charging was a close second to the range limitations of EVs. A majority of EV drivers were not only planning to charge at work but needed to in order to have enough range to get home. As the number of EVs increased and drivers had progressive difficulty finding available charging stations, “charge rage” became a real distressing issue. For corporate parking in a regularly saturated lot, the responsibilities of managing EV charging sessions often fell on a facility manager or transportation coordinator. In their assessment, they felt the smart charging stations that allow drivers to assemble a queue was helpful but managing EV charging for a workplace was anything but hassle-free.

FreeWire’s mobile EV chargers were designed as an efficient solution to alleviate the stress of workplace charging, especially those with saturated parking lots. Reversing the usual movement in which EVs rotate after charging, Mobi Chargers would move to various vehicles throughout the workday, dismissing the need for drivers to make frequent visits into the parking lots. During the 3-month run with the first pilot customer, performance was carefully monitored and customer feedback was amply received. In consolidations of the analyses, results and benefits were realized and the Mobi Chargers were an astounding success.

 First pilot of mobile EV charging station is successful 

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