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FreeWire has been featured in Electric Vehicle Buddy, a collected online news source for the electric vehicle landscape.

“Not so long time ago we were making a review of external batteries trailers – quite bulky gizmos, but can give a lot of additional range– up to 1,000 miles.

Well, the point is that these gadgets are really cool and can make your life much easier – when you have a cart that packs about 50 kWh of juice – charging doesn’t seem to be pain in the ass anymore.

However, these rolling charging stations have one serious disadvantage: price. Really, not all the people can pay through the nose and leave about 50 grand for “electric cart”. These things are only for people with really deep pockets. Nevertheless, everything is about to change with the Mobi Charger.”

Greg Dalton, founder of Climate One, touched on one of the key pain points that Mobi Chargers were designed to address.

“Breaking concrete is a drag. It’s messy, it’s expensive, it’s noisy … Wheeling these little things around gets across some of the logistics and capital costs. It solves the fixed parking space problem and provides a market for aging batteries that can still be useful”.

Read the entire article on Electric Vehicle Buddy.

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