Q&A With Freewire’s Co-Founder And CEO Arcady Sosinov

Located in sunny southern California, the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator is a new development that seeks to turn Los Angeles into the center for innovation and green job creation. As a proud new portfolio company of the LACI, FreeWire’s CEO, Arcady Sosinov was given a spotlight moment to reflect and answer some big questions. In his own words, Arcady describes FreeWire.

“FreeWire is innovative, agile, and fast. In just over a year we went from an idea about mobile electric vehicle (EV) charging to production-ready units called Mobis. We talked to our customers, identified their pain points, and created a solution designed specifically to address them. Mobis allow us to perform Charging as a Service, where chargers are brought to the vehicles instead vehicles being brought to the chargers. Blocked stations, range anxiety, and charge rage are all things of the past with FreeWire. Mobis also eliminate the need for expensive, time-consuming infrastructure projects that ultimately result in underutilized assets. FreeWire is the future of EV charging: easy, scalable, and upgradeable.”

Arcady notes that his inspiration for FreeWire stems from his earliest days while helping his father, who was a taxi driver, with some automotive work.

“I’ve had a passion for all things automotive since I was a kid, doing my first brake job at 7 and engine swap at 11. I developed a passion for entrepreneurship about the same time. When I entered Steve Blank’s Lean Launchpad class at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, in an age defined by powerhouse software companies, I knew I wanted to start a company that made a physical product. California was in the throes of a burgeoning EV market and issues with insufficient charging infrastructure were starting to crop up. Leveraging my experience with the automotive industry and my co-founder’s engineering expertise seemed like a perfect combination to address these issues.”

Before FreeWire, Arcady spent five years working as a quantitative analyst at a hedge fund in Boston. Anyone’s who has spoken to him in person will put 2 and 2 together to realize why he’s so quick at calculating in his head.

“I spent the last five years in finance doing emerging market analysis and modeling for a large hedge fund based out of Boston. Before that I was a SQL developer for an accounting software company. I’ve consulted, worked on requirements-gathering, and even started a company selling modified exhausts for BMW M3s. I like to cast a wide net.”

FreeWire is very excited to be a part of the LACI family and is looking forward to the road ahead. Read the full interview on the LACI blog.

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