Mobi Chargers To The Rescue

One evening in May of 2015, Danny Kennedy, the co-founder of Sungevity, ran out of charge on his Fiat 500e and one of FreeWire’s Mobi Chargers came to the rescue. It’s commonplace to think that with the comparatively short ranges of electric vehicles, drivers are bound to get stuck quite often. On the contrary, EV drivers are usually generally meticulous planners but the unexpected always occurs. Kennedy was actually pulling up to a charging station along highway 880 in Hayward, CA, as his range indicator reached 0 miles. Unfortunately, it was a broken charging station. Kennedy was able to make a quick call to FreeWire’s CEO, Arcady Sosinov, and was shortly on the move again.

From the rescue incident FreeWire realized the need for a Mobi Charger that was especially equipped for long distance travel. With the all-enclosed charging infrastructure, the initial Mobi Charger got the job done, but the transport wasn’t ideal. The smaller wheels were not meant for driving at greater than 40mph so it was unable to be towed. Transporting required an additional trailer in which the Mobi could be placed in. The process entails driving the Mobi up a ramp on a trailer, accurate positioning on the trailer, and using the 4 corner hooks to strap down the Mobi.

FreeWire introduces Mobi Charger TW, towable EV chargers made for long distance travel. The TW model is DOT approved for use across the country. TW models are available for Level 2 charging as well as DC fast charging.

The new towable fast charger, Mobi Charger DCTW, would’ve made Danny Kennedy’s EV rescue even easier a year ago.

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