September 20, 2016

FreeWire Technologies Recognized As Approved Government Vendor In The State of Washington

FreeWire Technologies, maker of mobile electric vehicle chargers and mobile power systems, announced today that it has been selected for State Contract 04016, designating the company as an approved vendor for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) in the State of Washington. This designation enables government agencies and non-governmental agencies (NGOs such as not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions) to more easily acquire and deploy Level 2 and DC Fast Charging for electric vehicles (EV). Government agencies and NGOs can benefit from the company’s mobile chargers that require minimal electrical infrastructure. This contract also allows for entities in the State of Oregon to affix on the agreement which broadens the potential deployment of FreeWire’s products throughout the Pacific Northwest.

State Contract 04016 provides federal, state, and local government entities with direct access and preferred pricing to products, services and solutions for EVSE to meet the state’s needs in completing a network of charging stations called the “West Coast Electric Highway”. The extensive network will consist of DC fast charging stations located every 25 to 50 miles along major highways in the Pacific Northwest from British Columbia to Baja California. The contract will allow government entities to deploy charging stations beyond the points along the “West Coast Electric Highway”, furthering the state’s mission for cleaner and electrified transportation.

Offering battery-supported EV charging stations, FreeWire Technologies helps site hosts provide charging for their EV drivers without the need to uproot and upgrade their electrical infrastructure. This allows easy deployment at metropolitan sites and barren highway rest stops alike. “We are proud to take part in the Washington State’s mission and provide a great solution for the infrastructure-challenged sites that are critical along the travel routes”, said FreeWire’s CEO, Arcady Sosinov.

FreeWire Technologies is now listed on the contract summary of the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services.

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