January 11, 2017

Former SunPower Exec Tapped To Spearhead Growth Strategy

FreeWire Technologies Hires Darin McDonald as VP of Manufacturing Operations

FreeWire Technologies announced today that Darin McDonald has joined the company as Vice President of Manufacturing to further development of the company’s mobile power product line. Darin comes to FreeWire from the SunPower Corporation, where he was the Director of Research and Development Operations. He focused on increasing performance of PV cells and modules while decreasing cost of production. His work was instrumental in SunPower’s successful strides to provide best-in-class products and innovation in the solar industry.

Darin is also a tech veteran with a highly successful track record in the field. Prior to SunPower, he held executive roles at Intel and Fuijifilm, where he drove the technology development and manufacturing organizations from concept, expansion, and sustained performance in multiple global market segments.

At FreeWire, Darin will leverage his cross-industry expertise to fill an essential role in preparing the company’s growth stage. As a young company developing products of growing demand, FreeWire ran into the classic problem of tight delivery deadlines that were met only through the extreme dedication of the team and their added efforts. Darin will relieve production pressure by utilizing Lean Manufacturing methodologies to drill down details of the current process, identifying and tackling areas that need improvement. He will also focus on product iteration and manufacturing process optimization to reduce the production cost, weight, and cycle time of FreeWire’s Mobi systems.

Darin is bullish on FreeWire’s position in the power industry. Darin comments, “The possibilities are endless for mobile distributed power. I was a big proponent of SunPower’s mantra to change the way the world is powered and I really see FreeWire as an extension of this vision and Will Change the Way Power is Delivered.”

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