Supporting the March for Science

The March for Science, on April 22nd, 2017, will go down in history as an unprecedented movement on a grand scale that celebrated and defended science and scientific integrity. The principal march was held in Washington D.C. and was joined by over 600 satellite marches around the world. One of the largest satellite marches took place on in Los Angeles, CA, where an estimated 50,000 participants gathered at Pershing Square. Public figures and activists delivered speeches from the main stage, which was powered by FreeWire’s Mobi Gen. Speeches delivered on the main stage was captured on social media, allowing the messages to live on to inspire viewers around the world well past the date of the march. The Mobi was also prominently displayed in this video that garnered over 10,000 views.

In the past, the noise and fumes of a diesel generator made powering a centrally-located stage in the midst of a massive crowd a tremendous challenge. Running hundreds of feet of cables from a generator placed far from the crowd would’ve presented a tripping hazard large enough to render the task unfeasible. However, the clean and quiet Mobi Gen made the event simple. Organizers gave overwhelmingly positive feedback, telling the FreeWire team that “they could’ve done without other pieces of equipment but could not possibly have done without the Mobi Gen”.

At FreeWire, we pride ourselves on thought leadership in the clean energy sector, and aim to constantly push boundaries in technology, science, and innovation. We also support STEM education to help educate the FreeWire employee of the future. Providing power to the March for Science Los Angeles was a proud moment for us, both as a company and a member of the technology community.

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