July 31, 2017

Team Profile: Steve Schwartz, Customer Success

FreeWire is proud to welcome Steve Schwartz as our Senior Director of Customer Success. Focused on ensuring the happiness of our customers, Steve will be continuously improving our products and services. Read on to learn more about Steve’s past, present, and his vision for the energy storage future.

What led you to join FreeWire?

When I first moved to the Bay Area, I was offered a role at eMeter, a smart grid meter data management software for utilities. The eMeter team was quite small at the time — similar to the size of the current FreeWire team — and had a unique approach to building a much-needed solution for the grid. It was exciting to join the company at a stage where I could learn a lot in a very short period of time, and have opportunities to apply those skills across diverse roles. After a short stint at Comfy, a SaaS solution for workplace control for employees, I was ready to get back into the energy space. I’m one to keep a watchful eye on my field and broader industry trends and I could no longer ignore the allure of energy storage innovation. Torben, FreeWire’s VP of Product and Marketing, reached out when he realized that my experience would be a perfect fit for the needs of a fast-growing startup like FreeWire.

What are your thoughts on FreeWire’s role within the energy storage industry?

I usually try to stay away from cliches, but I really feel like the sky’s the limit here. With battery technology improving on its current trajectory, many doors will open, but it’s up to entrepreneurs to find those opportunities. Market and business innovation need to stay a step ahead of technology to propel it forward. FreeWire is developing applications and business models that answer pressing questions like “how do you make energy storage work economically outside of California, Hawaii, and NY?” I believe the FreeWire team has set the foundations for a very promising path towards the energy storage future.

How do you feel after the first week?

Great! I’ve had to hit the ground running, but I wouldn’t have expected anything else. The team has been welcoming, and the excitement and passion here are infectious. It’s remarkable to see a small team collaborate and focus their collective energy on solving painful problems for our customers.

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