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Startup vs. Corporate: Finding your career in engineering
August 4, 2017

On August 2nd, four engineers gathered to talk about their career path and how they’ve navigated or chosen between startups and corporate jobs.


Moderator: Elena Lucas, Co-Founder of Treviso Partners and UtilityAPI

Here are the takeaways: Making the decision between startups vs. corporates








Other Considerations


Final thoughts:
Marie: The focus of your job depends more on the role itself than the size of the company. Service engineering definitely brings a broad area of focus on many different aspects of our systems. Each job is also what you make of it: if someone wants to stay in focused on one thing so be it, but the opportunity to expand your scope and knowledge base is definitely present and appreciated.

Yesh: Breaking into the professional world is even harder as an international student. Definitely start getting yourself out there early. It helps to recognize your unique combination of skillsets and capabilities and look for companies that have those specific requirements.

Katherine: Yes, job transitions are possible. That’s the great thing about software. You see software engineers now that have come from many different backgrounds. Maybe they were previously a writer or simply working in another engineering discipline. You’ll get it as long as you’re ok with trying hard and being terrible for the first two years.

Lauren: At one point, I did ask myself whether I wanted to be on the business or engineering side. At another point, I thought I wasn’t the “programmer type”. What I did was I observed moments that were fulfilling. As a product manager, I decided filling the motives for different people was emotionally draining – it’s important know yourself. But business vs engineering is not so black and white.

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