December 22, 2018

2019 Tech Predictions: Jaguar, Audi and Mercedes Challenge Tesla’s EV Range

Tesla is about to face some stiff competition. While the Elon Musk-fronted automaker is still set to stun in the new year — thanks to the international expansion of the Model 3 and the launch of the Model Y — competitors like Jaguar and Audi are about to give the firm a run for its money. Inverse predicts that these cars will offer consumers a strong alternative that could result in a measurable weakening of Tesla’s market share.

It’s a big moment for the electric car industry, many of which have struggled with problems like range anxiety, while the $79,500 Model X SUV’s boasted range of 237 miles. Of the new electric SUVs coming to market, the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace is perhaps the most impressive, with a 90kWh battery offering 240 miles per charge for $69,500. The Audi e-tron is another SUV offering 95kWh and around 230 miles of range starting at $74,800. Mercedes-Benz is also stepping up its game, with production set to start next year on the EQC with over 200 miles range at an undetermined price.

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