Automotive OEM

Charge Anywhere
Deploy mobile chargers anywhere on your lot, showroom, service center, or wherever your EV cars are located.
Efficient Operations
Save time by bringing a charger to your cars; not the cars to a charger.
Lower Cost
Save costs by recharging Mobi during off-peak hours and providing a solution that maximizes employee productivity.
Rescue & Maintenance Charging
Service your EVs without shuffling so every car is charged, no matter the location.

With FreeWire’s Mobi EV Charger, keep your electric vehicles charged without the hassle of reshuffling your EVs to access fixed charging infrastructure. Mobi EV Charger brings power to your cars with a fast, mobile solution without requiring additional fixed infrastructure or electrical upgrades. The built-in drive system with joystick operation allows for easy placement in service bays, maintenance locations, show rooms, or wherever your EVs are located. With FreeWire AMP™, the easy-to-use software platform, businesses can efficiently track and deploy chargers in real-time.

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