Corporate Campuses

Quick Deployment
Start charging in days rather than weeks. Mobi allows for immediate deployment with no additional infrastructure or permitting necessary.
Location Flexibility
Charge EVs from any spot, at any time thanks to the mobile charging solution.
Improve Employee Experience
Create a positive employee charging experience by conveniently bringing energy to EVs, not the EVs to energy.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Save costs by recharging Mobi during off-peak hours and providing a solution that maximizes employee productivity.

Mobi EV Charger is a mobile power solution that integrates with existing electrical infrastructure and delivers energy to electric vehicles whenever and wherever it is needed. Setup is simple and can be done without permitting or construction, allowing for immediate deployment to meet growing EV charging demand. FreeWire creates a better experience for businesses and employees—Mobi delivers easy, flexible charging services so employees can stay focused on what matters.

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