Charging Around the World: FreeWire at EVS and GTSE Conferences

FreeWire participated in electric vehicle (EV)-centric events this past week in Tacoma, WA and Lyon, FR.

We joined forces with Forth Mobility at the 32nd International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS) to showcase our charging technologies designed to drive EV adoption. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with the Boost Charger™—an infrastructure-light DC charger. The battery-backed charger significantly reduces impact on the grid and decreases deployment time while delivering 120 miles of range in 15 minutes.

FreeWire and the Forth Mobility team at EVS

Our Head of Marketing, Joanna Hamblin got the opportunity to visit Maison d’Ampère – Musée de l’Electricité, which proved to be a fitting book-end to the EVS conference. André-Marie Ampère (for whom the Amp is named, the unit for measuring electric current) was born in Lyon in 1775 and is credited for discovering electromagnetism. It was an impressive museum that also nicely ties in the work of Volta, Faraday, Tesla, Franklin, Bell and many others whose work in the field of electricity paved the way for generators, measuring devices, batteries, telecom, semiconductors and PV just to name a few of the inventions we rely on every day.

Sign (above) highlighting the many accomplishments of André Marie Ampère and early energy innovations on display at the Musée de l’Electricité

Meanwhile in Tacoma at the Green Transportation Summit & Expo (GTSE), we demonstrated mobile charging on Maxwell Vehicles’ plug-in hybrid using the Mobi® EV Charger. Mobi is the only solution that can quickly provide a charge, wherever an EV is parked – including inside an expo floor!

Mobi EV Charger powering a plug-in hybrid at GTSE

Reserve your Boost Charger today to be among the first to bring ultrafast EV charging to your area.

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