September 22, 2022

Colorado Co-Op Cuts the Country in on the EV Revolution

In some past posts, I’ve shared the story of Freewire’s Boost DC fast chargers. Normally, these chargers require a pretty hefty 3-phase power source to charge cars, but they’re essential to BEV adoption because they help people go beyond half the range of their EVs (because you need to get home, too) on reasonable timescales. It’s a real struggle to not have these available in an area, so they’re needed outside of large metro areas.

There’s a problem, though. In many rural areas, the kind of power that’s needed to install a DCFC station just isn’t there. There might be a relatively weak wire leading to a small town, rest area, or other places where a charger would be useful to EV drivers (and potential future EV drivers). This leads to only being able to have Level 2 charging unless the station’s owner is willing to pay for tens of miles of new, more powerful transmission lines into the area.

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