Boost Charger 150

Fully-integrated ultrafast EV charging technology that can be deployed anywhere and everywhere.

Ultrafast Charging Made Simple.

Boost ChargerTM 150 makes deploying ultrafast EV charging simple and cost-effective. With integrated energy storage, efficient power conversion technology, and software that lowers energy costs, Boost Charger is the most advanced ultrafast charger available today. Boost Charger operates using a low-voltage and low-power grid connection, resulting in quick and cost-effective deployment with minimal business disruption.

The fully-integrated solution includes energy storage to enable ultrafast charging using existing low-power infrastructure, enabling cost-effective deployments anywhere and everywhere in a matter of hours. The space-efficient design means no unsightly and expensive electrical infrastructure.
Lower Energy Costs
Boost Charger’s integrated energy storage and proprietary management software reduce energy costs by up to 70% versus conventional solutions, while also providing resiliency and unlocking additional energy services.
Premium Charging
Boost Charger provides ultrafast charging that delivers up to 100 miles in 10 minutes. Dual connectors provide simultaneous charging that is universally compatible with all EV models and creates a positive experience with fast, convenient charging at a low cost.
Flexible Deployment
FreeWire’s solution is easy to scale or relocate to optimize placement and site access, ensuring maximum utilization without the risk of stranded investments.

Battery-Integrated EV Charging

An independent report conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) found Boost Charger’s battery-integrated charging technology provides site hosts with:

Lower installation costs due to reduced infrastructure requirements

Lower operating costs due to peak-shaving and load shifting capabilities


Our fastest EV charger yet, delivering up to 100 miles in a 10-minute charge.

Boost Charger Eligible Incentives

Boost Charger is eligible for select federal and state grants, rebates, and tax credits. Explore current incentives in your state.

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Recognized Vendor

FreeWire is an approved Sourcewell vendor for providing and installing DC fast charging at your location.

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160 kWh integrated lithium-ion battery

CCS1 / CCS2 and CHAdeMO connectors

Simultaneous fast charging

24″ touchscreen

MET listed

CE and UKCA mark

OCPP compliant


Up to 27 kW

3-phase 208/400 V, or split-phase 240 V


CCS: 150 kW

CHAdeMO: 100 kW

Combined: charge two vehicles simultaneously at up to 75 kW each

DC/DC Power Conversion

High power efficiency

Silicon-carbide (SiC) switching technology

Boost Charger

Model EV Charging at Your Site

Boost Charger supports a range of public and private charging applications for retail, utility, fleet, and dealership customers. FreeWire’s team can model EV charger economics and performance at your site to inform your decision-making process.

Schedule a consultation today with an EV charging expert for a custom assessment and report with information including:





Speak to a FreeWire EV charging expert to simplify your next installation.


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