January 27, 2016

DC Fast Charger Conversion

More drivers are choosing to drive electric and electric vehicles will soon be equipped with longer ranges. The need for faster charging stations in more locations is increasing. Currently, in California, for every 10 electric vehicles, there is one public charging stations. That disproportionality explains the quarrels over charging stations. What if EVs could charge up faster and move in and out of charging spots quicker? In California, Level 2 charging stations have become more ubiquitous but getting an EV charged still takes a while with Level 2 speeds.

FreeWire has developed the very first Level 2 to DC Fast Charger conversion kit, allowing conversions from a legacy J1772 charging stations to a 40kW DC Fast Charger. FreeWire sought to make the process as simple as possible. In line with previous products, no installation, permitting, or power upgrades are needed.

Parking facilities were early adopters of EV charging stations have also found that as daily volumes of EVs grew, the need for smart charging stations was becoming more crucial. It was no longer satisfactory for EV charging stations to simply just transfer electricity into vehicles. More EV drivers meant charging queues needed to be established so charging stations have to equipped with the ability to notify drivers of the charging status. The Mobi Conversion Kit allows older charging stations to become intelligent devices. Drivers can receive charging notifications and facility managers can collect accurate of logs of electricity usage associated with individual drivers.

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