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White Paper:
Driving EV Adoption

Program Recommendations for the Next Generation of EV Charging Deployment

March 21, 2022

Program Recommendations for the Next Generation of EV Charging Deployment

At this historic inflection point in our transition away from fossil fuels to electrified transportation, we are struggling to meet the demand for fast charging the 26 million electric vehicles projected by 2030.

High cost, slow deployment, complexity, and program inefficiently are threatening our ability to achieve the 180,000 stations that are estimated to be needed by the end of the decade and to effectively leverage private and public investment in charging infrastructure including the billion-dollar annual investment from the federal government.

This paper reviews the current state of electrification and demonstrates how new technology and program design can impact the future of transportation to:

  • Rapidly increase the speed of fast charger deployment to meet state and federal charging infrastructure and EV adoption targets
  • Optimize power where it is needed most and lower the strain on the grid related to mass fast charger deployment
  • Coordinate a comprehensive funding approach and deliver EV charging at the lowest societal cost
  • Incentivize new technology solutions that enable faster deployments at significantly lower costs



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About the Authors

With vast experience in energy and policy, FreeWire’s Regulatory Team engages with policymakers, utility regulators, and industry stakeholders to help advance markets for innovative EV charging solutions and grid resiliency.


Peter Olmsted
Director Regulatory Affairs, East
FreeWire Technologies



Renee Samson
Director Regulatory Affairs, West
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