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November 1, 2018

Electrification 2018: Arcady Sosinov, Freewire Technologies

PUF’s Steve Mitnick: What’s different, distinct and important about FreeWire’s technology and business model?

Arcady Sosinov: The energy storage and power boost technology that FreeWire Technologies has developed over the last five years is really to mitigate the cost and grid impact of deploying electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Electrification is happening across the board, from transportation to industrial equipment to aviation. The electric vehicles we see and hear about every day, from companies such as Tesla, GM and Nissan, are a big part of that, but the amount of infrastructure and power available at the grid edge makes it technically complex, expensive, and time-consuming to deploy and subsequently scale up. Especially because the grid wasn’t designed to do that in the past.

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