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Electrifying Auto Dealerships

Turnkey EV Charging Solutions with FreeWire


Are you looking for a solution to provide fast and reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging at your dealership?

On May 17, FreeWire hosted a webinar (watch recording) providing insights into EV charging technology and software solutions to help dealerships overcome power constraints and scale their EV charging solutions as more EV models come to market. Hosted by Alberto Lopez and Bryce Hughes, the webinar covered the following:

  • EV charging products that can meet your growing needs in a fast and cost-effective way
  • Strategies for identifying and capturing EV charging incentives that can help offset program capital costs
  • Energy management techniques to help reduce ongoing expenses
  • Turnkey service offerings designed to streamline the process

Webinar Panelists

Alberto Lopez
Sales Director
FreeWire Technologies

Bryce Hughes
Account Executive
FreeWire Technologies

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