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Environmental, Social, and Governance Report 2023-24

Blog - May 1, 2024

2023-24: Driving Sustainable Impact

FreeWire Technologies was founded in 2014 and is an industry leader in ultrafast EV charging and energy management solutions, addressing grid infrastructure constraints and supporting the global transition to electric vehicles (EVs). As FreeWire continues to expand the deployment of our Boost Charger, understanding the impact on the electrical grid and our overall environmental footprint is crucial. Our efforts are not only focused on increasing the accessibility of charging infrastructure, but also on ensuring that these developments are sustainable and align with global environmental goals.

We believe that a sustainable and decarbonized future is possible and we’re taking action to achieve that goal. 

We recognize the critical importance of sustainable practices in shaping the future of energy and transportation. The transportation sector is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in North America, compelling us to focus on minimizing our environmental impact. This commitment led us to prepare an ESG report to comprehensively evaluate our footprint in the industry and foster the development of more sustainable infrastructure.

In our initial ESG report, we conducted a foundational scan of our business to identify key environmental risks and opportunities. Building on these insights, we have implemented robust data collection processes and internal practices aimed at enhancing our sustainability program.

We are now in the process of systematically collecting, storing, and tracking essential data to accurately determine our complete greenhouse gas emissions profile. Over the coming years, we plan to meticulously calculate both the positive and negative impacts of our activities. This analysis will cover emissions from purchases, travel, energy use, operations, and the entire life cycle of our products.

Additionally, we are committed to gaining a deeper understanding of our suppliers’ goals and efforts towards environmentally considerate practices. Our ultimate goal is to obtain external assurance to validate our sustainability initiatives, thereby reinforcing stakeholder confidence in our commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices.

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