EV Charging: An Opportunity for Sales


December 14, 2023

Candy & Snack TODAY – As consumers seek out EV charging stations, FreeWire Technologies’ Connor Botkin explores what this can mean for confectionery and snack sales. Electric vehicle (EV) growth is on the rise with total vehicle sales more than tripling in three years, from 4 percent in 2020 to 14 percent in 2022. But what does the growth of EV adoption mean for the confectionery and snack industries? Major gas stations and convenience stores are investing heavily in EV charging, including bp, Chevron, Phillips 66, Parkland and more. Customer behavior at gas stations and convenience stores is changing and certain patterns are already being revealed.


Drivers who use ultrafast EV chargers usually take approximately 20 minutes to charge their vehicles at a commercial site. This leaves drivers with significantly more time than traditional drivers to peruse store shelves and decide on a purchase. FreeWire, a battery-integrated ultrafast EV charger manufacturer, found through extensive polling that 90 percent of EV drivers make purchases while charging at fast chargers. The top three purchases they make are food and snacks, coffee and beverages, and a fast-food meal, with 91 percent of purchases being food-driven.


Businesses are increasingly benefitting from the consumer changes underway because of the growing EV market. These companies are installing fast chargers and offering discounts and promotions to EV drivers. This is making EV drivers more likely to make purchases at these businesses and provide considerable in-store retail uplift for products such as candy and snacks. By understanding the buying patterns of EV drivers, businesses can develop strategies to attract and retain these customers and grow sales along with the overall EV industry.

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