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Follow a few simple steps to get a 10-year ROI estimate for FreeWire's Boost Charger and traditional DC fast charging stations.

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Enter the address of the primary location where you plan to operate DC fast chargers. Have more than one potential location? Schedule time with us to get a detailed analysis for all locations.

About the DC Fast Charging Energy Cost Calculator

This calculator provides valuable insights on the estimated costs of DC fast charging (DCFC) stations to help you plan for and achieve your business goals. Estimates are based on national average installation costs*, average commercial energy† and demand charge costs§, and average in-store revenue per charging session of $3.00. This calculator is for informational purposes only to help you determine which solution may be right for you. Not intended as tax, legal or financial advice. Consult with your tax, accounting, and legal advisors before deciding or engaging in any transaction.

Step 2

Select the property's electric utility

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Enter your business contact information.

EV Fast Charging ROI Estimate

Adjust the sliders to change the number of chargers and utilization to see the effect on ROI.

Two parking spaces are typically required per one Boost charging station and can serve two cars simultaneously. A traditional DCFC charger typically requires a single parking space and can charge one car at a time.
Total number of charging sessions in a 24 hour period for a single charger.

10-year ROI Estimate I

100% means capital expenditures have been earned back in full.

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Schedule a time to learn more about offering DC fast charging, including available incentives, financing, and FreeWire's Advisory and Turnkey Deployment Solutions.

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